Spaces Available This Week!

We have space available this coming week for single tattoos, session work and laser removal! If you have some ideas and free time then put them together to get that piece of ink you’ve always wanted!

If a sleeve for the summer is on your agenda then now is the time to start the ball rolling to ensure its all finished by the time you hit the beach! Alternatively if there’s that embarrassing piece of ink you want gone before you get your swimsuit on then Scotty is available for consultations about our laser removal!

Right not there are offers on Day Sittings and Half Day Sittings so take advantage while you can. Laser sessions begin at £20 and we are confident we will comprehensively beat the prices of similar treatments elsewhere!

Give this post a share and make sure you get booked in quick at Liverpool’s Award Winning Tattoo Studio!

01517096605 to book!


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