Our NEW Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Here at L1 Ink we offer Professional Laser Tattoo Removal with our on site technicians.

Prior to any laser session we need to undertake a test patch to ensure no adverse reaction to the treatment.

The test patch is included in the price of your first session. Prices are based on the size of the area to be lasered which are listed below:

Size of 10p Piece – £20 p/s

Size of Golf Ball – £30 p/s

Size of a Tennis Ball – £50 p/s

Size of a CD – £70 p/s

Discounts are offered for multiple sessions booked and paid for in one go. For every 5 sessions you will receive 20% off.

Discounts on the above prices are also offered to people who are booked in to cover up the tattoo at our studio once laser has faded the tattoo enough. How much will depend on the tattoo in question.

A maximum price for removal will be given after completion of your second session.

Laser removal is not an exact treatment, we cannot guarantee how many sessions complete removalwill take as every individual is different. The healthier you are as a person and the better your diet the more effective laser removal will be. We have a minimum of 6 weeks between each laser session but advise the longer you leave it between the better the treatment will work. Your body continues to breakdown the ink months after each treatment so it is not advised to try and rush the removal.

Aftercare guidelines will be given at your test patch.

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