L1 Ink Tattoo Studio is a fully licensed tattoo studio in the Heart of Liverpool City Centre.

L1 Ink Tattoo, Liverpool has been methodically designed and built to create an incredible setting, purposeful studio – even down to the large shop window that gives an open, bright and welcoming feel.

We have countless portfolios for you to browse of our artists work and unlimited capabilities as well as series of tattoo magazines and media for you to gain inspiration from.

L1 Ink Tattoo doesn‘t just carry bulk standard “flash” tattoo designs as we believe that all tattoos should be specifically designed for each individual customer.

With an emphasis on strict hygiene throughout the parlour, every step is taken to ensure that all clients are treated in a sterile environment.

There is a private treatment room for each artist. This not only ensures privacy for every client but also minimises distraction and helps maintain a sense of calm for our more nervous customers. We guarantee you’ll find L1 Ink Tattoo to be a truly unique tattoo studio.




We take the well being of our customers very seriously. Our sterilisation equipment is modern, the best in the industry and tested on a daily basis.

All customers are given new needles and ink.

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